In you are a small and solitary cell, your main goal is to grow bigger and then dominate the cell world as soon as possible. EAT as much as possible to increase your size and try to escape from other enemies at the same time. When your cell becomes larger, it will move more slowly. So, be careful!

How to play

  • Guide your little cell by directing the mouse cursor on the screen towards colorful particles.
  • EAT as much as possible in order to increase your size.


Tips and Tricks

  1. Splitting is a great method to split your cell into two, three or numerous pieces. And it’s extremely useful for surviving and attacking.
  2. In case that you’re in a region with many particles and fewer enemies, splitting (tap W) will help you collect the particles quicker. Or when facing up with other bigger enemies, this method will help you reduce your size and make the opponent bigger (hard to move fast). 



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