Jungle Runner


In Jungle Runner, the mission is to play a panda, help it through a mysterious old forest, and collect diamonds along the way. You can use these diamonds to upgrade panda abilities such as increasing hit points, running speed, ability to evade ... or increase the duration of power-ups you can get within the levels like magnets, shields...

How to play

  • Click the left mouse to jump.
  • Double click the left mouse to double jump.
  • Hold and drag the mouse downwards to jump down to the road below.
  • Hold and drag the mouse to the right to roll.


Tips and Tricks

  1. Every time you play a level, it’ll take away 1 life point, after waiting a while, you’ll get back a life point.
  2. Try to free the birds in the cages, collect all the diamonds and avoid getting hit to get the highest result in each stage.



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